RSCDS Membership – Somerset Branch 2021-2022

RSCDS Membership – Somerset Branch 2021-22

To become a member of the Somerset Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), or to renew your membership, please contact our Membership Secretary, Pamela Cornwell  (   Pamela will provide you with a new membership application OR renewal form and will also be able to help with any membership enquiries.

Information on the benefits of becoming a member is explained in the last paragraph below.

Annual Subscription Information 2021-22

Subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st July 2021. Renewal forms will be sent to all existing members by our Membership Secretary before the end of June 2021 with details of how the fees can be paid.

Membership Fees – RSCDS

Adult Single                        £18         (25 yrs+)

Adult Joint                          £29         (2 x 25 yrs+ residing at the same address)

Young Adult                       £14         (18-24 yrs   [rounded to 80% of full adult rate])

Youth                                    £9           (12-17 yrs   [50% of the full adult rate

Membership Fees – Local Branch

The branch membership fee will be re-instated this year at £5 per member in addition to the RSCDS fee set out above.

RSCDS Branch Membership: “Support local, dance local”
RSCDS members are global ambassadors for Scottish Country Dancing, promoting the development of Scottish culture and heritage for current and future generations to enjoy.
With 159 Branches and over 300 Affiliated Groups across the world the RSCDS is connecting with dancers at a local level. By joining an RSCDS Branch you are helping to support your local arts and dance community, whilst carrying on the tradition of Scottish Country Dancing. It’s also a great way to socialise!

What’s included?
As an RSCDS member, you can enjoy the following benefits:
• Our bi-annual Scottish Country Dancer magazine
• Regular e-Newsletters with news, interviews and stories
• 10% discount on RSCDS branded items in our online store
• Discount on selected Society events organised by the RSCDS
• Member login to the RSCDS website and access to exclusive resources
• Access to our various education and teacher training programmes
• Exclusive deals with your chosen Branch*
• Receive customised information from your Branch, relevant to your local area*
Support Scottish Country Dancing in your community and join your local Branch.
Annual membership fees vary dependent on the Branch.
* Please check with the Branch.